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You can immediately start improving based on the insights Flow Time will get you.


With the help of these modules you learn to work with Flow Time in a short time. After completing the modules you know how to perform a good measurement and how to use the analysis.

Quick wins

Reduce waste in your department in a short time? You use the quick win modules for this. You detect common wastage and come to a solution in a few short steps.

Sustainable improvement

Use these modules if you want to work with the department on the sustainable reduction of waste using Flow Time. These modules are aimed at maintaining the change and constantly improving.

As part of the methods for continuous improvements

The academy is used in organisations that work with methods for continuous improvements to improve the quality of care. Departments improve their own working environment and work processes with the help of Flow Time.

Task load investigation

Flow Time gives organisations insight into the work and time allocation of nurses, doctors and other professionals. Together with the teams, we investigate how everyone's qualities can be optimally utilised.

Process optimisation

Based on insight into how long activities last and which interruptions or disruptions occur in the process, the care and work processes in the departments are improved.

Health care sector

The Flow Time academy is based on our knowledge and experience with changing and improving in the healthcare sector. Interested in the application within another sector?


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